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In the beginning, there was the Nothing, a complete void where neither time nor space existed... Or that is the conclusion which your poor human minds have been able to reach.

But it was not only the Nothing that existed. Polarus, master of infinity, pillar of energy that sustains the very existence, wandered alone. And in his solitude he decided to create the spark that would shape the Universe. And from this spark, not only time and matter was born, but five entities arose and  Polarus breathed into each one of them a different fragment of his personality.

And it was the father's will that the five beings give form to his creation. So the brothers began to wander through the chaos giving shape to the different planes.

The time came when the brothers wanted to imitate their father, and requested permission to add life to their creations. Polarus granted permission, and gave part of his essence so his children could use it to shape life in the Universe. And so they created the cycle, by which the essence gives life and returns to the well once that life reaches its end.

Each brother wanted to influence the created beings, giving them part of their personality, to guide them to their destiny. But this generated chaos.

To solve it, the brothers ascended the best of their followers after their death, and elevated them to the planet Polarus, named after the father of all, and the place where all planes converge.

They were given immortality in exchange for fighting for them to gain the honor for their house so  that they would be the next to have the right to exert their influence on the future of Humanity.

Every time the stars line up, the champions are called to Aster, capital of Polarus, to begin a new contest...

Welcome, heroes, to Tempus Belli...


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