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-How to pay and register?

Payment will be made on the following account:

ES12 2038 1329 5530 0044 5081

Account owner: Tempus Makers

Or to paypal:

Then fill out the survey available on the website


-Can I pay for several people?

Yes, there is no problem in doing so, just fill in the group registration form.


-What do I do if I have a friend who will pay with me but goes to another group and/or camp?

Very easy, you make the payment and you indicate it in the survey or in the excel that is attached for the group registrations.

-What kind of accommodation is there and how much does it cost?

-Cabin with heating and own bathroom: 140€.

-Cabin without heating or bathroom: 85€.

-Camping: 60 €.

Explanatory note: Community restrooms have hot water and heating.


-What kind of tickets are there?

-Normal player

-NPC: Reduced price, requires organizational approval

-Assembler: Free, requires organizational approval

-Referee: Free, requires organizational approval

-Patron player: If any player wishes to contribute financially to help the event, you can add 25€ to your registration and in addition to a special mention on the wall of the heroes they will be given a custom drawing and ink of your character.

*To apply for the positions of assembler, referee or npc it is necessary to apply by email to, explaining who you are.

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