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- The recreation tents will have the right to be in the door or central area of the camp, in case of having a modern tents in loud colors they must be hidden and will go in the back of the camp and if they are not camouflaged  they will be separate from the others.

- Utilleria camp, we urge all players to avoid as much as possible all kinds of modern gadgets or camping supplies, for example, to go to the tavern you must bring your own utensils that must have a rustic appearance (plates of mud, jars of mud or pewter etc).
In case of not having any you will be able to rent them in the same tavern.
  We cannot prohibit in a direct way the use of this type of elements...but the custodians may not like certain modern utensils and the clan may loses their favor...

- At the end of the event, the entire camping area of the clan must be as clean as when you arrived, when everything is  collected you should look for an organizer to give you the OK on the ground so you can go.


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